I had the pleasure of photographing Kellie and Drew’s Canfield Casino wedding, Saratoga Springs, NY. We had so much fun with this couple!  Kellie and her mom were very laid back and by all appearances enjoyed the day and each other totally. Kellie kept everyone laughing and having a wonderful time. I particularly enjoyed the bantering back and forth between her and her sister.

I give each couple a short list to fill out; the reason being that I don’t want to miss anyone that is important to them or miss a photo that they just have to have. I noticed that Drew’s “wants” were sparse so I figured that he didn’t care to be photographed. We didn’t have a chance to meet before the wedding so I took a moment to talk to him about photos. I was right, he didn’t like to be in front of the camera. I write this because I thought Drew did an amazing job of hanging in there and going with the flow. He seemed most comfortable when he was holding Kellie or just even looking at her.

In this blog, I am showing more of those images because I think they show their relationship better than the posed ones. The same was true of the bridal party photos. I really tried to just go with the flow myself when it came to taking their photos, well, at least in-between taking the must have posed shots. The day was a bit tough because of bright sunlight and so many having sensitive eyes and squinting in the sunlight. We photographers love an overcast sky or big fluffy clouds for that reason. We did manage to find some shaded areas and visitors to the park were glad to move for us. Congress Park has undergone some major renovations and we tried out a few of the new areas. I can’t say that I love everything that was done with the renovations but the park looks lovely. It was our privilege to work again with the Mazzone team! I know that everything will run smoothly besides the food tasting great. Please visit the galleries throughout my website for more pictures!


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