What a great group of friends and family! As we soon would see, the day required caring for everyone to make it a beautiful day! Emily and Ryan’s June 19th wedding was one of our typically changing weather days where the saying goes, ”If you don’t like the weather, wait 5 minutes and it will change.” After the ceremony at St. John’s the Evangelist, we were scheduled to do a big group photo of all the guests on the steps of the church. It was raining lightly. I hustled back into the church and asked the guests if they wouldn’t mind standing in the rain for a few minutes to get the shot and everyone was on board and quite happy to submit to a few raindrops for Emily and Ryan. Thanks everyone for being flexible and going with the flow! Of course, the sun came back out about 15 minutes later. When we arrived at the Glen Sanders Mansion, it was a bit on the steamy side, so after Emily and Ryan had some cocktail hour food and drinks we went out for a few minutes of relaxed natural photos. It’s our favorite part of the day, “photography play” time. I don’t want the new husband and wife looking at the camera, they are just to enjoy each other and take the moment in. All of us at Candidly Beth Photography and Video enjoyed Emily and Ryan’s wedding so much! They made our job easy, rain and all. Please visit the galleries throughout my website for more pictures!

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