I had the pleasure of photographing Bridget and Mike’s Lake George wedding. However, I want to start at the beginning of this story. Last year, I made a decision to no longer do back to back weddings (2 days in a row.) Then I met Bridget’s mom Gretchen at the Glen Sanders bridal show. She described the day planned, Bridget and Michael, and Lake George. As she talked I knew we had to be the photographers at this Lake George wedding. So I broke my rule and I am so glad I did!

Bridget was an absolute delight: a very laid back, go with the flow kinda bride. After we finished the formal photos it was “play time”. We had a bit of time so we traveled up to a spot on Lake George that Evan and me kayak from and as I found out later, Bridget used to swim at as a child. The property next to the dock was private but sooo beautiful. When I heard voices at the property I trudged past the “beware of dog”  and “private property” signs and asked if we could take a few photos of the bride and groom. The answer was “no”. Darn, so close yet so far.  A few minutes later though, the owner kindly put her guard dog away and let us photograph for a short while. I told the owner that Bridget used to swim there as a child and she said with a smile on her face, ” You were probably one of the children I chased off!” Please visit the galleries throughout my website for more pictures!


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